Focusing on deposit growth, NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited extends various financial facilities to its members to motivate thrift and savings. It offers deposit services at a reasonable level of economy and with a greater degree of personalization in terms of quality and value.
Fixed Deposit

At NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited, we offer a Fixed Deposit for every investor to invest into and an attractive rate of returns over the years and time tested. Fixed Deposit investment has a value that never depreciates.

Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit is a unique term deposit specifically designed for monthly income groups like the salaried class. The investors can systematically deposit a fixed amount from their savings into the Recurring Deposit every month.

Savings Deposit

NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited allows the members and customers to create savings account for secure deposit and withdrawal of money provided a high rate of interest on the funds entrusted by the account holders.

Navashakthi Term Deposit

Navashakthi Term Deposit is a special investment instrument in which a long-term investor can deposit a lump-sum amount of money at an agreed rate of interest for a fixed period of time or 'term'.

Navashakthi Flexi Term Deposit

The Navashakthi Flexi Term Deposit is a long term deposit open for customers 18 years and above. The depositor has to remit a minimum amount of Rs. 1000 per month and a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh. Remittance can be made weekly, daily, or monthly.

Samruddhi Patra

This deposit has been designed in a Cash Certificate model wherein the depositor will earn the highest return on Investment beyond 12%. The Instrument will be issued for a short term period only.

Navashakthi Star Deposit

Navashakthi Star Deposit is a new scheme under short-term deposits for a period of 46 days with an attractive interest rate of 7.50%. After the maturity date of 46 days the customer can withdraw the deposit or it will be auto-renewable

Pigmy Deposit

The Pigmy deposit is a very useful scheme for small vendors, daily wage earners, and tiny businessmen of our society. This monetary scheme will help the small earners to deposit any amount of money from their day-to-day income and earn a good rate of interest.

Pigmy Plus Deposit

NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited introduces the Pigmy Plus Deposit for customers who want to remit/meet their periodical remittances like LIC Premium, Vehicle Insurance, School/college Fees, Loan Installments, Property Tax, etc.

Marriage Education Linked Deposit

The Marriage & Education Linked Deposit is an innovative scheme that is beneficial for girl child starting from 3 years to 18 years of age. This is a monthly remittance deposit for 15 years, refundable on maturity only. Customers can deposit a minimum of Rs. 1000 per month and multiple thereof regularly.

Redeemable Navashakthi Souhardha Debentures

NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited Management has approved the issue of 12.25% Redeemable Navashakthi Souharda Debentures (RNSD) with a face value of Rs.10,000 each. Each debenture will attract an Interest rate of 12.25% per annum payable half-yearly to investors.

Navashakthi Cash Certificate

Navashakthi Cash Certificate is a unique scheme launched by NavaShakthi Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Limited under the ‘double your money’ scheme which refers that the deposit will be doubled in 5 years 6 months (66 months) and the interest on maturity will be 12.67%.

Navashakthi Dual Benefit Scheme

Navashakthi Dual Benefit scheme has opened its door to double up the benefit of the depositor through both monthly income with an annual interest rate upto 8.25% plus income on maturity with 4.50% interest rate, and total annual yield can be up to 12.75%.

Navashakthi Special Fixed Deposit

Navashakthi Special Fixed Deposit is a special fixed deposit suited for long-term investors. It fetches a maximum Interest of 12.50% for deposits of more than five years.